Best Location for Film in New Mexico

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Living near Silver City for over two decades, we have established relationships with property owners, residents, businesses, federal, state, local government and having traveled throughout the area know where to find that perfect location for your film project in New Mexico.

Affordable, conscientious, dependable, efficient, trustworthy, personable, creative, facilitating, that is who we are.

What Southwest New Mexico Offers

NM Diverse Topography Location for Filming Set

Diverse Topography

  • 10,000 foot mountains
  • Sweeping grasslands
  • Canyons, mesas
  • Wetlands of the Gila and Mimbres rivers
Best NM Ecological Zones Movies Places

Ecological Zones

  • Chihuahuan Desert
  • Piñon/Juniper Forest
  • Ponderosa Pine Forest
  • Bosque

Four gentle seasons, four ecological zones with large ranches, small farms, 3 lakes, 2 rivers, a variety of wildlife, Silver City/Grant County offer an exceptional film venue two hours west of Las Cruces.
We have the locations!

Best NM Silver City/Grant County Location for Films

Silver City/Grant County

  • Air Service from Phoenix, Albuquerque
  • Minimal permitting/paperwork required
  • State of the art conference center
  • Las Cruces Film Studio 2 hours away
  • Diverse topography within 50 mile radius

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